How To Be Irresistible Through the Power of Persuasion John R. Downes

ISBN: 9780913864715

Published: July 1st 1982


156 pages


How To Be Irresistible Through the Power of Persuasion  by  John R. Downes

How To Be Irresistible Through the Power of Persuasion by John R. Downes
July 1st 1982 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 156 pages | ISBN: 9780913864715 | 6.71 Mb

Whenever two or more people get together, one individual tends to control what goes on--one person will usually emerge who influences the other. Now you can be that person. In this upbeat book, learn the secret of irresistible, powerful persuasion. Succeed with positive, unique approaches to persuading others by capitalizing on that special quality of irresistibility and power that youll discover within yourself.Most people believe persuasion means talking someone into something. This book challenges that belief by showing you how to get others to move themselves in a direction you ultimately control.

Forget about using aggression,twisting arms, or pulling rank. Zero high pressure. Persuading someone is like a kitten reaching for a ball of yarn. Knowing how to wiggle that yarn is half the secret to becoming irresistibly persuasive.Author John R.

Downes convincingly demonstrates the power of persuasion with a variety of entertaining anecdotes and real-life situations- and hes created an ingenious character named Jimmy Dover to guide you through them. Jimmys amazing repertoire of powerful approaches demonstrate ways to persuade people that leaves them feeling good rather than manipulated or bullied.This book is a winner for those anxious to increase their personal power, uniqueness, persuasiveness, and ultimate success.

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