The Morris Codes: Unbroken Identity R. Neal Morris


Published: August 13th 2013

Kindle Edition

33 pages


The Morris Codes: Unbroken Identity  by  R. Neal Morris

The Morris Codes: Unbroken Identity by R. Neal Morris
August 13th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 33 pages | ISBN: | 10.32 Mb

What if you knew very little about cryptography yet wanted to create your own system of ciphers and codes? Then, allow anyone and everyone the opportunity to figure out your message? Sort of a personal challenge between you and the masses.The Morris Codes: Unbroken Identity is the first in a three-part series of books with ciphers - some unlike any youve ever seen.

Youll find twists to basic rail fence and Caesar ciphers- those are the easy ones. But, youll really need an imaginative and extremely inquisitive mind in order to solve the others. More importantly, youll also be challenged by ciphers and codes that come from the imagination of an ordinary person - one with no formal training in cryptography, ciphers, or codes.If you somehow overcome the hurdles purposely rendered within these twenty mind-scrambling problems, youll be hooked to The Morris Codes!

Youll also realize that solving one cipher is just the beginning of your journey through the authors thought process. Moreover, solving all 20 is critical to discovering the hidden container filled with items of material and historical value.If you are one of the expected few to successfully uncover the primary solution to Unbroken Identity youll likely want to continue to Unbroken Visitor and Unbroken Capsule, where two additional sets of challenges - and two more clues - are offered in your quest to identify the ultimate solution to Unbroken.Are you ready to take on The Morris Code Unbroken challenge?

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