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Lorries First Term  by  Nora Mylrea

Lorries First Term by Nora Mylrea
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I was a bit wary when I realised this was another Christian boarding school novel. Im Christian myself -- well, Catholic, which some people will tell you doesnt count -- but I dont associate Christian lit with great storytelling, and the last Christian boarding school novel I read was a conversion narrative that culminated in a long discussion about the greatness of Billy Graham.

Not my cup of tea.This, however, works. Lorrie is a pastors daughter -- she seems to be your run of the mill Anglican, Id guess -- and a tomboy and a stirrer. To her horror, a wealthy member of the congregation insists on paying for her to go to boarding school, where her straightforward personality makes her popular, but she struggles with the rule-bound culture and the mystery of the wealthy man in the nearby house.The Christian element works for me because this is a story about a kid with faith who still struggles to do the right thing.

Lorrie is embarrassingly sincere and loving when it comes to her family, but her family ARE great, and you can totally understand why she loves them so much. (They must be the most realistic family Ive ever seen in a boarding school novel -- the eldest sister achieves Jane Bennet levels of sweetness, but the rest are harum-scarum kids who, for example, address their eldest brother as Pie Face.)A lot of Lorries problems come from her benefactors niece.

Prue is as nasty a villain as youll ever find in a girls boarding school novel -- maybe not a Malfoy, but definitely a Pansy Parkinson. But Lorrie gives as good as she gets, and, as a lot of people point out, just doesnt understand why rules are a thing that exist in the world.IN SHORT, this is light but charming, with a likable, exuberant heroine.

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